Educational Psychology Service



Aberdeen City Council Educational Psychology exists to support teachers and parents and carers where there is a concern about pupils' educational development and/or behaviour in school.  It is a local authority service which is offered to all schools in Aberdeen City.


The Psychological Service introduced a consultation model of service delivery following a pilot project which evaluated the efficacy of the approach in supporting schools (MacHardy, Carmichael and Proctor 1997).  This model has been in operation in all schools since 1997.





Aberdeen City Council    Project Staff


Adele Humphries


Is a Chartered Educational Psychologist working for Aberdeen City Educational Psychology Service.  Her work within schools and other educational establishments is conducted at 3 main levels: the individual case level, the group or class level and the school or system level.  As such I work together with school staff on projects (e.g. Peer Mentoring; Circles of Friends) and school development work such as in-service development training for staff on a range of issues (e.g. Solution-Oriented Approaches).