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COMPAED was founded in 1998 by Walter Spiess, Ph.D., professor for special needs education at the Christian Albrecht University of  Kiel, head of the educational services unit, and some of his students.  The idea was to create opportunities for post-graduate training by offering certain services to the public.


Currently, the services comprise supervision to professionals working in the area of education and consultation to educational institutions, teachers, parents and youth.


In addition, compaed cooperates with the continuing education services of the university of Kiel offering modularized courses on supervision as well as consultation (


Since 2002 compaed has joined the Comenius 2.1 project on educational consultation.




COMPAED     Project Staff



Walter Spiess


Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook, did studies in psychology, philosophy and education. For a long time it has been his endeavour to arrange his own practice in consultation in such a way as to stimulate research with his students and thereby to serve teaching purposes. His goal of researching and teaching is to develop and provide concepts that are empirically derived and that are useful in making professional action more efficient and morally “better”.


Julia Bischoff


Teacher for special needs education, working at Kiel University as a research assistant since 2004, doing research on solution focused consultation. Having been trained in consultation at compaed since its beginning in 1998 and offering consultation for teachers and parents in school and for compaed, she has recently begun training students and teachers herself. Julia joined the Comenius 2.1. project on educational consultation in 2004.