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V-CLB-KOEPEL (Vrije-CLB-Koepel)

Association of Centres for Pupil Support and Consultation

in the Flemish Community of Belgium.

The VCLB Koepel-organisation is a Semi-Public Authorithy, which represents 48 regional CLB centres in the Flemisch Community of Belgium. CLB centres are organised/subsidised and inspected by the Ministry of the Flemish Community (Department of Education).

CLB-Centres offer support and consultancy to pupils, parents, teachers and schools, primary and secondary. Working areas are: career consultation, learning and social development, and preventive health supervision, for all pupils. Work activities are concentrated on pupils and their educational environment, primarily: in case of learning problems, social-emotional problems, career choise problems, and health & developmental problems.

The centres employ each from 20 to100 members of staff: psychologists, pedagogues, social workers and part-time medical staff (specialised in preventive health care). Personnel costs and working costs are paid by the Flemish Community, and all CLB centres are inspected by the Inspectorate of the Department of Education.



Centre for in-service training and innovation.

The VCLB-Koepel contains an In-Service-Training Department, which operates in co-operation with the Faculty of Psychology and Education at the University of Leuven. This in-service-training department offers permanent staff training and sustains innovation within the local centres. It also offers training and consultation for teachers, head teachers and the whole school staff, mainly on innovating and challenging items schools are facing today.


V-CLB Project Staff

Gust Dens  (project co-ordinator) <Mail Gust Dens">

Studied Educational Sciences (Orthopedagogiek) at the University of Leuven, after 5 years teaching deaf pupils in a special school at Antwerp. Did PhD research for the National Foundation of Scientific Research (Brussels) on epidemiology and planning of special educational needs provisions.

For 27 years (1973-2000) he was director of a specialised learning support centre, offering multidisciplinary assistance and consultation for pupils, parents, teachers and schools in the area of Leuven. Since 1980 he became involved in Flemish Education Policy, first as member of the National Advisory Board for Special Education, and since 1988 as Chairman of a Division for Special Education of the Flemish Education Council (VLOR).

Since 1987 he became engaged in European policies on "integration" of pupils with special educational needs. He took part in several European exchange and co-operation programmes and was representative of the Flemish Education Ministry in studies- and developmental programmes on educational "inclusion", set up by the EU-Commission (HELIOS I & II- Programmes), the OECD and Unesco.

In 2000 he became staff member for international relations at the Vrije-CLB-Koepel in Brussels (Association of Centres for Pupil Support and Consultation in the Flemish Community of Belgium). In this function he is involved in several Socrates-Comenius projects aiming at the organisation of European in-service training for teachers and staff persons of pupil- and school support services. As such he is the co-ordinator of this “Consultation project”.

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